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Every man cave needs a well-equipped bar, with a refrigerator, beer tap, sink, ice maker, and lots of clean and ready-to-use glasses, whether for beer, cocktail or wine.

We custom build each of our man cave bars to fit your space and taste. From classic pub style to biker bar to tiki and beyond, we’ll turn your man cave into the hideaway of your dreams.

More man cave bar must-haves include:

  • Pool table: Invite a few friends over; then rack ‘em up and appreciate the ball’s good roll
  • TV / fireplace surround: Create the perfect spot to watch every game or enjoy your cozy fire
  • Custom man cave furniture: Cabinets, entertainment centers and more for your man cave storage and displays

NOTE: Be sure to check out the Challman Man Cave page on this site to see how our designer/builder, Dave Challman, enjoys his own ultimate in man caves.

Below check out the photo and information about the man cave bars that some other lucky guys are already enjoying, and you can join them with your dream bar. 

Start thinking of a good name now.

These are already taken:  Big Tiki Island Style, Man Cave Garage Bar, Workshop Pool Table, Harley Man Cave Bar, Basement Rec Room, Metrodome Man Cave, Reclaimed Wood Man Cave, Hunting Man Cave, Refittit’s Basement Man Cave, Bonus Room Man Cave and The Garage Mahal Man Cave

This ultimate man cave enhances a cabin in northern Wisconsin. Rather than a basement bar, this custom-built bar is above the garage, right up 14 steps and around the corner. First-time guests will be blown away when they open the door because they will not be expecting any of what they see.

Imagine inviting friends to your cabin, and then they see this bar. They will also admire the pool table, chomping with excitement to play a round, as well as the fireplace mantel custom designed by Primo Craft.

Your man cave is a great retreat for those weekends with friends—hunting in the fall, snowmobiling in the winter, fishing in the spring, and golfing in the summer.  Whether it’s the 19th hole or for happy hour, when friends first see this, they will be wowed.

Yes, this is the ultimate home bar for the perfect man cave. Bar is ash wood with mission finish, and has an under-counter refrigerator for those cold drinks Your enjoyment will be enhanced by the comfy Primo Craft bar stools, upholstered in beige fabric.

The man cave is 100% designed and constructed by a Primo Craft, including custom home wood bar, custom billiard table, and custom entertainment center.

All of Primo Craft’s home bars are assembled in our factory to make sure that we have crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s—and we now deem that your new bar is “perfect.” The custom-made bars are preassembled and easy to reinstall, and arrive in an average of 4 to 7 cabinet components. All our bars come either in 4’ x 8’ crates or are securely blanket-wrapped when shipped directly to your home so the parts arrive in pristine condition.

After you move the boxes to the assembly area in your home, for the most part all it takes is an electric screw gun, level and shims. As a convenience to you or your installation crew, all the screws are left in the holes ready to be assembled. Then you can unwrap each section, move it into position and screw together your dream bar.

Imagine the curiosity of your neighbors as box after box is hauled in from the delivery van. Do they know you are getting a bar for your entertainment area? If they do, they are getting more jealous by the moment, wondering when they will be invited over to inaugurate your new bar—and you can proudly say, “That’s my bar!”

Primo Craft offers three easy ways to have the bar of your dreams custom made.  Below, see customizing the Princeton Home Bar, the Bridgeport Home Bar, and Ivy League Home Bar.

So if you like what you see below, give us a call or email us to learn how easy it is to own a bar custom built by Primo Craft.

Master Bar Layouts
When putting in a custom-made bar in your home, the design of the layout should fit the room. Here are the different ways to place your bar in a room:

  • You can see how a bar with a return—or a straight bar—can work off the corner on the same wall. 
  • If you can, have the bar designed so that when you enter the room, you first see the front, and don't always see behind the bar. 
  • The way you enter the bar is important in your design.