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An easy process, design through delivery

Working with Primo Craft is easy as well as enjoyable.

Initial consultation.  

We’ll talk with you to discuss your needs, ideas, and budget, either in person, if you live in the area, or by phone if you don’t.

Design phase. 

Once we’ve established the scope of your project, we’ll begin the design process. 

• Parameters include specific room dimensions, wood choices, and whether you want a standard model, tweaked to reflect your personal taste, or a custom bar, pool table, TV/fireplace surround, cabinetry or other casual furniture.

• Because many of our clients are outside the Minneapolis area, we make the most of technology; for example, we will ask you to email photos of your space and other furnishings or elements that will be a part of the room.

• We’ll send a completed design for your approval before work begins. You can expect to receive a formal design within a week or so.

Construction phase.

Once we receive a go-ahead on the design, we’ll begin to craft your new bar, cabinetry and any other elements.

• Standard bars, TV frames and pool tables usually ship within a couple of weeks. 

• Custom bars, cabinetry, furniture or pool tables take a bit longer, up to 6 weeks or so.


Primo Craft bars and cabinetry are shipped to you ready to install. We design each piece to make it as easy as possible, with all necessary hardware and instructions included. Many homeowners install their bars themselves. However, you can also work with a local carpenter or contractor for installation. 


Give us a call (toll-free) at 888-651-9351 at any time to discuss your questions or concerns.