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Owner: David Challman's Biography

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David Challman was born in St Paul in 1953.  Ten snowy winters later, his family moved to sunny California.  

At only 11 years old, David built a one room fort in the back yard. However, the next year he heard a knock on the door to his fort and once again he was told he had to move..... but this time he just had to move his fort, for the family was putting a pool in the backyard.  So David, the ever enginuitive young boy rolled the whole fort, intact, on logs like some Egyptian block of a pyramid.  Once the fort was rolled into the field behind the house, David began gathering used scrap wood from the all the new houses that were still under construction.  Well, 3 stories high and 14 rooms later the fort was infamous around the neighborhood.

Purchased first electric guitar 7th grade.

Built full size wood airplane with a 16 foot wingspan. Rolled down the street. newspaper photos.

Started riding motorcycles took a brake from building

1970 moved back to MN and finished Moundsview HS 1971 graduated

1971 started playing rock and roll in garage.

1976 family talked to a neighbor about getting a job. he referred to Michael Hunt pool table manufacturer in upland ca

1977 Tony Dechensals owned restaurant with a wood shop in back that he used to remodel. he wanted to partner up to have dave to built tables. 300 sf. newspaper ads. table set up in banquet room as sample. 10 months

1978 moved to 1500 sf 750 sf showroom/750 shop Fridley MN. Primo Craft started. 1 man shop.

1980 New Brighton. 3000sf. hired 1 builder.

1983 brand new industrial complex in New Brighton. step sister doing office work. 3 cabinet makers. tired of seeing bars at other end of room so i decided to build feature of into bars and ec for new rear projection tvs.

1990 Roseville major corner next to schneidermans furniture store, REI, 6000sf w/2500sf showroom expanded to 6 employees

1991 Bar biz was taking off and started doing trade shows, other retailers got interested buying bars to sell across the country to other retailer in furniture industry.

2004 called peter's billiards to sell exclusively thru him. moved to blaine, bought a 17,000sf building. shut down retail store went stricly manufacturing to retailers and to buyers on the web

taste of minnesota-2000-gypsy-band-david-challman


  • 1978-80 The Long Lake Boys
  • 1987-81 Mid LIfe Crisis: Prince sponsored a best live band contest at paisley park, original songs, cousin owned laser entertainment, and helped put on the show. won and recorded a paisley park. mailed the tap to record companies. . James walsh was a producer Orphan records. later to find out he was from Gypsy. became friends. walsh said lets do a demo. dave said you have to play in it and do the background vocals. said some of the songs sounded like gypsy would have done.
  • 1991 Jimmy Johnson came back to MN from CA. hooked up with Walsh. David was invited to party and they all decided to put Gypsy back together with Dave.
  • 2000 taste of MN concert
  • St Louis at Mississippi Nights night club with Vanilla Fudge
  • Grand Casino with Styx and Shooting Star
  • Mill City Festival with Prince; 2 day event, Badfinger, over 50 bands, Castaways, Jayhawks
  • Inducted into MN Hall of R&R and Country Fame.