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PrimoCraft custom Swing out home Bar PrimoCraft custom Swing out home Bar

Ideal for small and compact spaces, this Swing-Out Custom Bar design can easily make any area into “Party Central!”

When this new luxury bar design is closed up, it is a neat and compact wall unit that holds bar supplies. This one shown is 60 inches (5 feet) feet wide, stands about 84 inches (7 feet) high, and projects into the room only 20 inches deep. This design can be made into other sizes—but for safety reasons, not too much bigger.

Good news: Homeowners can customize this bar and order just the back unit without the swing-out bar. Or, you can order just the bottom bar cabinet that contains the swing-out section.

This design is perfect for condos, lofts, townhomes, tiny houses, man caves—any place you have a smaller footprint. You’ll have a “one-of-the-kind” bar to show off to friends who will quickly be jealous of the convenience this bar gives you, allowing you storage and keeping everything in one place.

The Swing-Out Bar features classic styling and comes with all the functionality any bar needs, including foot rests for all the “cool” people standing around.

Now is the time to open up this bar cabinet that’s a convenient wall unit—and do it just 90 degrees—and in an instant, you have a full bar with ALL the features you want. Depending on your space, the swing-out bar can be placed on either the left or right side of the wall unit.

The pictured bar is classically designed, made of high-quality maple stained in dark espresso. The inside railings secure the bottles, and the upper glass doors show off your glassware, and help keep them dust-free.

If you have just a few friends over, you can all stand around the bar. If your party is larger, use this Swing-Out Bar as the place where you serve liquor, beer and wine. As family and friends some up for a drink, you can say with great pride, “This is MY bar!”


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