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My first experience with Primo craft was when we moved to Minnesota when I was a kid. My dad fell in love with the house we bought because of the custom Primocraft bar in the basement. I always wanted to be like my dad growing up so naturally I had a custom bar built in my first house with my wife, and we had David design the bar for us, which Primo craft built to fit the space in our basement. While we loved our first bar, the space was on the smaller side and it wasn’t everything that we wanted. We moved to another house a few years later across town with a little more space. We got a hold of David again to have him design and build another bar for us, but this time with everything that we wanted. From the poured resin countertop, to the glass shelves and lighting, to the wine rack and fridge cavity, and down to the black stain and hardware to match our dark walls and theatre theme in our basement, our new bar has everything that we were looking for and more. It’s the perfect addition to our house for entertaining our guests.
Nick Amatuccio

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