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Get inspiration from one of our past projects

Baxter Custom Bar

Located in: Minnetonka, Minnesota

This bar will just wow your guests with the multiple shelves for a variety of bottles.  With this bar well stocked, your friends and family will all be pleased with their beverage, as they admire this beautiful home bar.

Besides multiple shelves, there are drawers for storage under the big shelf.  A good-sized bar to hold a lot of variety, the under-counter refrigerator, and wet bar, make it possible to mix all sorts of drinks, pleasing all.  The beautiful piece of home bar furniture designed by Primo Craft has a dark cherry finish and brass foot rail.  There are no mirrors on this bar, leaving more room for storage.  There is also a drawer under the big shelf in front for even more storage for bar tools or bar accessories 

Note that the bartender would enter the bar in the front, and that the added piece on the right is facing another room, giving the possibility of serving two rooms.

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