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Hannan Custom Bar

Located in: Richmond, Wisconsin

Now you can turn a room into your own personal bar with the unique bar that fits into a corner.  The bartender would enter this bar by the window.  This beautiful oak corner home bar with its fruitwood stain, has a wet sink to quickly wash glasses and to add water to drinks, and an under-counter refrigerator for all those beverages that need to be chilled.  The mirrored back makes the room—and the bar—appear larger.

The shelves on each side of the bar hold barware, and have glass doors to show off those special pieces.  Under these shelves are railed shelves to put a collection of bottles. 

Primo Craft has built this bar with the utmost care, as with all their home bar furniture.  This home bar design makes the most of a small space and can turn your room into a great place to entertain family and friends.

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