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Juettner Custom Bar

Located in: Long Island, New York

This custom-build Primo Craft home bar complements the family’s recreational room in the lower level of this Long Island home.  It has become where the family gathers, and when friends cover over, everyone heads to the enticing bar area.

The back bar includes adjustable glass shelves with lights, mirrored backs, wine rack, and wet sink. The lower bar features drawers and doors for storage.

What makes this home bar feel like an Irish pub is the custom carved post with capitals on each side of the mirror. It also features the recessed panels in the front bar, along with a brass foot rail. The canopy on the ceiling that outlines the bar space completes the bar’s finishing touches and claims that corner is for “the bar.”

The lighting provide by both overhead and hanging lamps adds a refreshing brightness that can be reflected out into the bigger room by the mirrored bar back.

Want a custom-built bar for your home; then the first step towards designing your bar is to contact us for a free estimate. Once we get your general requirements, sizing, location details and any personal design ideas, we will prepare a rough estimate and draw a design for your bar.

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