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Snyder Custom Bar

Located in: Ft. Meyers, Florida

This customer didn't have much room upstairs for their custom-built home bar. Their newly finished attic already included their pool table and seating. So Primo Craft designed a full bar look, with the back lower bar only 8" deep, and had a mirror with glass racks right above it.  The mirror’s size does a great job of reflecting the rest of the room and making things seem more spacious than they actually are.

The bar is made of ____ wood with ____ stain, and the dark wood looks perfect with the wood floors. The classic clean lines work well in this limited space, and lets the beautiful rich wood be the star. The L-shaped front bar came out into the room only 5 ft. (60"), leaving room for the pool table and those playing there. The narrow bar top is adequate for drink glasses, and maybe a dish of peanuts.

The Primo Craft upholstered bar stools have swivel seats and fabric coverings that the homeowner picked from our fabric offerings. The seat and back cushion are of a different pattern, and make for very nice-looking seating as you pull up to the bar and put your feel on the metal bar rail. “Bartender, I’ll have….”

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