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S4217 Bar Counter Swivel Stool

Every great bar absolutely must have bar stools that are as great—comfortable, just the right sitting height of 30 inches, swivel for your convenience, and so handsome that your guests just have to take their preferred perch and join the conversation…or watch the game…or tell jokes…or…

Primo Craft is both excited and pleased to be offering the outstanding bar stools provided by a California company, IM David. They will continue to evolve in design while staying true to its roots, producing USA-made, high-quality hardwood furniture for residential and commercial customers internationally. 

Check out the different styles and designs of stools from the 19 models available,ranging from classic-looking bar stools with armrests—to stools with backs, to simple stools with comfortable cushions.  A good bar stool needs to be comfortable, allowing for a good long sit while watching a game, having an interesting visit, or a drink or two. The bar stool invites us to pull up to the bar…and wait for something fun to happen.

Primo Craft offers many styles of bar stools, in standard height of 30 inches. Check out the variety of handsome bar stools on our website on Custom Home Bars.

You can show us a picture of your bar and we can help you select the bar stools that look the best in your entertainment area. Decide what you want…and what you need, and we’ll help make your bar stool dreams come true.  All orders are custom built to spec, made by hand using the finest materials available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, they will design and build it for you. 

Primo Craft will custom upholstery any bar stool you select, offering you black and brown leather, as well as a selection of fabrics—or you can provide your own for our craftsman to use. Our goal is to provide chairs with long-lasting use and comfort, including the upholstery fabric.