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Custom Bars

Custom-built home bars are a Primo Craft specialty—designed so you can proudly says, “That’s My Bar!” That’s why many of our clients request a custom home bar or ask us to modify a standard home bar to meet their specific needs. They want to make it there own. Whatever you envision, bring us your ideas, pictures and any other source material, and together we’ll create the custom home bar you’ve always wanted. Imagine picking the design, the wood, the finish and all the special features you’ve ever dreamed about in a custom-made bar of beautiful wood and unique design. When you “belly up to the bar,” you will host friends in a perfect center of your entertainment area.

Mix and match from various elements, including front bars, back bars, corner bars and wet bars. To see a chart showing various configurations, visit our Master Layouts page.  

Like our home bars, custom home bars are made here in the U.S. from American hardwoods including oak, maple and cherry, and then finished in your choice of stain color.

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