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Challman Man Cave

This ultimate man cave sits in a cabin in northern Wisconsin.  Rather than a basement bar, this home bar sits above the garage, where one has to first go up garage steps and around the corner.  First-time guests will not expect what they see, and will get blown away when you open the door for them.

Imagine inviting friends to your cabin for a game of pool and they see this bar.  They will also admire the pool table and fireplace mantel that were custom designed by Primo Craft.

A great retreat for those hunting weekends in the fall, snowmobile weekends in the winter, fishing in the spring, and golfing in the summer.  Whether the 19th hole or a happy hour, when friends first see this they will be wowed.

Bar is ash wood with mission finish, and has an under-counter refrigerator for those cold drinks. 

Yes, this is the ultimate home bar furniture piece for the perfect man cave.