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Frequently Asked Questions

Billiard Pool Table Room Size

20 September 2011 Written by

The first thing to consider when thinking about creating a pool room is the space. You need enough space to allow for players to shoot from all sides of the pool table.

Frequently Asked Questions

12 August 2011 Written by

How much are Primo Craft bars?
Primo Craft bars range in price from $1,995.00 for a Hampton front bar to $12,000.00 for the 
Chicago Classic full front and back bar.

How do I get started with ordering a custom bar?
We first get measurements of the area the bar is going, then decide the best way to lay the bar out
in the room. Then we work together on the design.

Can I match or pick a stain color?
We can match just about any color of stain, or we do have ten standard colors to choose from.

How do I install my new bar?
All Primo Craft bars are pre-constructed which offers peace of mind to you. Each bar is built to 
ensure easy re-assembly by your installers or a skilled homeowner.

How do I receive my new bar?
All our bars are blanket wrapped and shipped to your driveway.

Is it a Pool or Billiard Table?

04 January 2011 Written by

Do You Want A Pool Table Or A Billiard Table?

Many people interchange the words "billiards" and "pool, " but they are actually two distinct games. While both use a cue to strike balls on a flat surface, there are many differences in how the games are played. There are also many differences between a pool and a billiard table.