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Trust in our customer testimonials

I must say, my wife and I are very impressed with the quality of your work. From the crown molding down to the base, it's terrific. Ordering something like this took a leap of faith, and you definitely came through.

Going from the top down - the way you guys made the top crown piece worked perfectly. Not only visually, but also how it was kind of tongue in groove, to lock the two upper cabinets in place. I was concerned about putting the unit together and it being stable, however, the way you pre-placed the screws was very intuitive, so it wasn't difficult to figure out what goes where and how.

The antique mirror backing and glass doors came out great too. And the glass shelves fit perfectly inside. That was a nice touch I did not realize would be done. Thanks for adding the locks to the upper bar doors.

The base cabinet countertop looks very well made, as does its edging. It's amazing how close the swing-out bar outer doors match our existing wall unit. For that matter, the shape of all the trim work, as well as the staining, matches our existing unit almost perfectly.

The swing-out bar countertop glazing is a really nice touch, and I'm sure it will hold up well to the abuse a bartop typically is subjected to.

So as far as the unit itself goes, my wife and I are very happy with it overall. Our friends can't believe how nice it came out. My brother too, and let me tell you, he's hard to impress. Ha! Success!

Thanks again for your excellent work David. I look forward to our next project together.


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